Become a Board Member

We warmly welcome you to the Board Members page of the Thompson Crisis Center.

We are dedicated to addressing the heart-wrenching challenges faced by women, children, and men amidst the turmoil of domestic violence. In this global call to action, we extend our heartfelt invitation to individuals to join our compassionate team of board members. Your presence & support are instrumental in bringing an end to these painful realities.

At Thompson Crisis Centre, we cherish the sacred value of safety and offer a sanctuary where women, children, and men can find respite from the storms that surround them. By becoming a board member, you possess the power to contribute to the decision-making processes that shape our initiatives, allowing us to extend our reach even further. Together, let us humbly embark on this noble mission, united in our pursuit of a society free from violence, discrimination, and fear. Join us as we strive to empower survivors, amplify their voices, and restore their faith in humanity. We also accept LGBTQ+ applications.

Your presence matters, and your dedication will make a lasting difference in the lives of those in need.
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