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Creating Safer Spaces: Updates and Insights from Thompson Crisis Centre

Welcome to our Thompson Crisis Centre Community,

We are delighted to present our newsletter, where we shine a light on our continuous work towards eradicating family violence and fostering healthier tomorrows.

Our Guiding Lights: Respect and Dignity

At the heart of our operations are the values of respect and dignity. They steer our collaborations with other agencies and community organizations, ensuring that our clients get the best possible support. Our commitment to ethical standards, continuous learning, and the promotion of healthy communities propels us forward every day.

In our quest for reconciliation, we make sure our services are culturally appropriate, reaching out to all those in need, regardless of their background.

Understanding Our Mandate

We feel it’s essential to clarify our admission criteria to the Centre:

  1. Domestic Violence involving intimate partners (e.g., spouses, common-law partners, boyfriends/girlfriends, including immigrants, 2 spirited, LGBTQ+ relationships, etc.)
  2. Family Violence from a family member (e.g., parent, grandparent, adult son or daughter, sibling, etc.)
  3. Cases involving sexual abuse from known or unknown individuals.

Our 48-hour safety rule means immediate entry to the centre for evaluation. If a client doesn’t meet the criteria, we ensure a referral to assist them with their situation.

Spotlight: Meet Donna Ruston, Our Children/Youth Counselor

In our team spotlight, we celebrate Donna Ruston, our dedicated children’s/youth counselor. Her work with children in our community and shelter, particularly those with special needs, has made a profound impact. Donna’s commitment to expanding her knowledge to enhance her program deserves special mention, as does her success in creating a nurturing environment for children facing significant challenges.

TCC Community News

We’re excited to share a recent community event where TCC staff collaborated with CMHA for the local Co-op’s Cheque Rebate Day. Despite cold weather, the community spirit was warm, and attendees enjoyed a delightful meal.

Further, our full-time staff had an enriching experience at a two-day training seminar at the Fort Gary Hotel, Winnipeg, from May 27 & 28, 2022. Not only did we refresh our counseling, communication, and conflict-resolution skills, but we also took time for team-building and self-care.

Thank you for your ongoing support. Let’s continue working together towards a future free of violence and full of healthier tomorrows.

Thompson Crisis Centre


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